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Ceramic Boats and Trays
Since 1984, Kumar Ceramics Pvt. Ltd. has been producing alumina boats and trays in capacity, length, width and height of customer's choice. Ceramic combustion boats can be available both, with and without eye.
Alumina Crucibles, Discs and Dishes
Our collection of alumina crucibles, discs and dishes can be availed to be used inradiant tubes, high temperature vacuum furnace, and other applications. These products are made of Alumina, which is a hard material that can resist chemicals and withstand high temperature.
Ceramic Mullite Crucibles
Ceramic mullite crucibles can be produced following any of the casting & pressing methods, for instance chemical casting, freeze casting, thixotropic casting, hydraulic pressing and isostatic pressing. These crucibles resist basic and acidic slags.
Refractory Furnace Fittings
Kumar Ceramics Pvt. Ltd. manufactures a wide range of refractory furnace fittings to be used in several industries, including ceramic and glass. These fittings are essential part of refractory furnace. 
Ceramic Round Muffles
Customers can buy ceramic round muffles with both ends open from us. Round in shape, the muffles are used in Muffle furnace. We make these muffles available in different sizes. The objects can be melted or heated inside these.
Thermocouple Tubes
Ceramic thermocouple tubes available in different sizes are meant to be used as barrier to molten metals, which protects the internal thermocouple. These high strength, high performance tubes are resistant to sock and chemicals.
Thermocouple Beads
Thermocouple conductor wires inside thermocouple tubes can be insulated with thermocouple beeds. Customers can buy thermocouple beads and sleeves for their great compressive strength, low thermal expansion, corrosion resistance, great strength and other features.
Heating Coils Tubes
Buyers from chemical, steel, oil & gas and other industries can contact us for buying heating coils tubes. Ceramic sheaths under this category are basically used in high temperature applications.
Ceramic combustion tubes form an important part of tube furnace during testing carbon from iron slag. Customers can get in touch with Kumar Ceramics Pvt. Ltd. for buying these tubes in different sizes.
Ceramic Rectangular Muffles
Kumar Ceramics Pvt. Ltd. serves ceramics, chemical, steel and many other industries by making them available ceramic rectangular muffles for the inside refractory casings of muffle furnace. These are used to pre-heat, bake, dry, incinerate analytical samples.